UAE driver exceeds speed limit by 83km/hr, fined Dh3,000

Haziq Bin Arif Muhammad Arif March 27, 2018 No Comments

UAE driver exceeds speed limit by 83km/hr, fined Dh3,000

He was speeding at 133km/hr on a road where the speed limit is 50km/hr.

A reckless motorist was caught speeding at 133km/hr on Corniche Al Qawasim road, where the prescribed speed limit is only 50 km/hr.

Col Ahmed Saeed Al Sam Al Naqbi, acting director of the traffic and patrols department, Ras Al Khaimah Police, said sophisticated radars on the arterial road nabbed the speeding driver.

“The speed on the Corniche Al Qawasim road has been reduced from 60 to 50km/h effective this March to protect road users on the tourist road, and curb traffic accidents.”

The radar flash has been set at 71km/hr, considering the 20km/hr speed buffer over speed limits, he noted.

“However, some drivers, including the one caught, pay no heed to road users’ safety and theirs as well.”

The erring driver was actually exceeding speed limit by 83km/hr, including the 20km buffer speed, he revealed.

“As per the amended traffic rules, those exceeding the speed limit by 80km/hr shall be fined Dh3,000, slapped with 23 black points and have their car impounded for 60 days.”

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Speeding has been reportedly blamed for so many deadly accidents on this arterial road and other roads of the emirate, Col Al Naqbi pointed out.

“Most of the motorists involved in speeding violations are youngsters and unlicensed drivers,” he said. “Their parents irresponsibly allow them to drive their vehicles.”

Late, last year, the RAK Police traffic patrols stopped 69 students while driving without licence.

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